Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Flower basket weaving Reliefs

2nd Grade has spent several weeks working on these beautiful projects.  First, we created a background image of a room.  then we wove a basket relief on the bottom of our room.  Once our baskets were finished we created flowers to fill our baskets.  I love how these look in the hall.  A breath of spring for this cold snowy march.  All of them are hung up for conferences, check them out if you drop by school.

Names and Patterns

2nd Grade spent a lot of time working on our basket flower weaving and so we needed a filler that my fast finishers could work on while waiting for others to catch up.  This was our fun extra time project.  I love the way the finished ones of these look.  So cool with all the patterns.

6th Grade Portraits

This year 6th grade worked on facial proportion and we did 2 smaller portraits, one had to be realistic and the other could be cartooned.  Most students have just finished and we are looking forward to clay next.

Robot Prints

 For this project student thought like an engineer and designed some really cool robots.  They had to think about what they wanted their robots to be able to do and then design the features to match the tasks the robot would perform.  Then we took some legos and thought like an architect.   Using lego blocks and some black ink students designed some cities and backgrounds for their robots to live it.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Artist of the Month

A beautiful 6th-grade self-portrait created by Laila is the Orange leaf Artist of the month for March.  

1st Grade Matisse Painting

First grade continued studying Henri Matisse.  After looking at his cut work we focused on his paintings, with their bold colors, patterns, and outlines.  Then we made these beautiful painting.