Thursday, April 13, 2017

Art and Chocolate

So I know I am getting behind posting this week. But that is because I am getting ready for art and Chocolate and I hope you are too.  For Details check out the cities website here

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Artist of the Month

Our West Elementary Artist of the month at Orange Leaf in Grandville is Jack from Kindergarten.  Great work Jack!

Kindergarten Fish.

 These lovely little fish were made by the kindergarten students.  They worked hard on their drawings and then used watercolor as a base for their project.  After that we had a day of crazy where we had out tempra, watercolor, colored sand, glitter shells, pastels, basically anything fun in the art-room cupboard came out to play.  I love the way these look I am hoping to put up a bunch at school when we get back from break.

2nd Grade Watercolor Bunnies

Sorry I am a little behind blogging. These lovely bunnies were made by the 2nd grade a few weeks ago as a little watercolor practice before starting our current butterfly project.

The goal of the lesson was to keep the watercolor light and bright.