Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kindergarten Watering flowerpots


2nd Grade Scratch Animals

This close to the end of the year I like to do some easy little projects and scratch art is always a big hit, so we made these animals in class this week.

Ice Cream cones

  This post got missed a few weeks ago.  When it was really hot we drew unique ice cream flavors with patterns in our cones and cream and then watercolored our creations.

2nd Grade Lego People

 These cool lego people were made by the 2nd graders, and colored with crayon and oil pastel.  I am so impressed with their hard work on these.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Art and Chocolate Recap

Hopefully, you were able to attend art and chocolate this year in downtown Grandville.  It was a great night.   Right now I am waiting to pass back the artwork from this show, as a school we are debating if we want to display the work around school for just a little longer yet... but I promise it will go home before the end of the school year.   The art show was featured in School Network News you can read the article here.

Kindergarten Clay

Kindergarten just finished clay this week.  We flattened our clay to get out the air bubbles and then used our tools to draw insects on the clay.  (Kindergarteners have been learning all about insects in science with their classroom teachers.)  Once they had their bug designed they used clay tools to add interesting textures.
After a trip through the kiln, these cute little bugs were painted with tempera paint and wrapped up to go home.