Tuesday, January 24, 2017


6th graders worked in groups on VanGogh project.  Students worked hard to recreate thier own VanGogh in their own way.  They also created abstract projects that showed the oil pastel techniques they learned while working on their VanGogh.

2nd Grade Superheros

 2nd Graders created their own superheroes.  They had to think hard about what kinds of powers and costumes they wanted their heroes to have.  Then we drew our heroes and watercolor painted them.  To create our cities we added layers to create visual depth.  I love the detail and the creativity.

5th Grade Shoe Drawing

 Fifth Grade ended the year drawing their shoe with as much detail and realism as they could.  Always impressive to see what students can do if they really pay attention to what they are drawing.

Kindergarten BirdHouses

These are kindergarten mosaic birdhouses.  The kiddos first drew houses and then 'painted them with tissue paper and glue.  After that we cut them out and added birds and other details.

3rd and 4th Grade Fish

 Always sad to be done with a grade level for the year, but the final project looked great at least.  We ended the year working on watercolor techniques, with underwater animals.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Clay Totem Spoons

 In Social Studies students were studying Totem poles.  So in art class we built on this idea and created Totem spoons.  The goal was to incorporate at least 3 things about ones self on the spoon.  Overall I was very pleased with how well students were able to create unique spoons and what cool ways they showed their own personality.

Spiral Bowls

 I love this project.  Last year students created standard coil bowls so to build on this skill this year we created spiral bowls.  Students created their spirals one flat sheet of paper and then we flattened one side added a texture using a roller and then used a slump mold to create the bowl shape.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Painting with Scissors

First Grades have been studying Henri Matisse, we have started by looking at his collage work and so we have been practicing our scissor skills and creating our own collages.  Some are abstract and some tired to make a scene, I let students make their own decisions about what they wanted to make.   Next up we are going to look at Matisse's painting style.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


 3rd Grade made snowmen today.  Really we worked on Value.  On light blue paper we used both crayon and oil pastel to create a range of values so that our snowmen look like the pop off the page.

6th Grade Perspective

 6th Grade has mostly been done with perspective for a few weeks now but we have finally all finished this week.  We worked on learning how to create 1 point perspective.

Our next project is a fun group project.


 Kindergarten made these adorable owls this week.  The goal was to color them and use lines to add pattern and interest to their color.  They are so cute there are 2 bulletin boards of these owls up at school right now.


January Artist of the month

Great work on your perspective Haley I am proud of you!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

3rd, 4th and 5th Choice Day

Choice Based art education is a really cool idea, but I tend to limit it for special days so on this day before holiday break I gave kiddos 3 guided drawings and 2 projects they could work on or they could continue their weaving projects. All in all it made for a fun and crazy day.