Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Glowing Lights 1st Grade

This week of Thanksgiving is always we we would pull out the Christmas lights at our house.  In the spirit of untangling and testing strands of lights the first graders made glowing christmas lights in class.  We begain with drawing a curvey line and then added the lights using construction paper crayons.  (They are crayons made with extra bright pigments to work on dark colors of paper. ) Student only created the outline of the lights with these crayons. 
Then we swithched to chalk pastel.  Adding a samall amount of color in the center of each light and using our fingers to blend the color out of the light to create the glow.  When students were done then they could add other holiday decorations into their paper.  Such a fun way to start decorating for the upcomming season.

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