Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snow Globes

With a short day of school today I wanted a fun short project for the 1st and 2nd Grade students that I saw.  So we made these really cool snow-globes.  We started with a blue circle of construction paper and used color pencil to add a shine (reflection of light) and a shadow (dark spot) onto our snow-globes.  After that kiddos decorated with things that reminded them of winter or christmas.  We finished these in little stand up bases, (I actually called over to all the gift wrap stations at the mall and had them save me the empty rolls which I spray painted black and silver.  So students just need to cut slits into their piece and slide in their finished work).  They were a really fun little project and great because early finishers got to decorate both sides of their snow-globe and kiddos who needed more time to think or work still got to take home a completed project today.

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