Sunday, January 24, 2016

5th Grade Name Filler Project.

 I have always been quite convinced that idle hands cause troulbe will finger busy creating build masterpieces.   So in younger grades I tend to have out coloring sheets for kiddos to work on if they are fast finishers.  That however is harder for older students. So for 5th grade this year we started an extra project that was a filler they could work on anytime they were done early.  The project was simple, draw out your name in bubble letters, then draw 3-7 lines from one side of the paper to the other.  In each shape created students were to create a pattern or test a new method for using oil pastel.    A lot of these projects went home unfisnished and I am ok with that it is a sign that we moved from one thing to the next with out any wasted time.  Hopefully students had enough fun working on them they choose to finish at home.  Here are a few of my fast finishers who actually got through all of the semester projects and the filler project. 

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