Tuesday, January 26, 2016

6th Grade American Abstract Art

 For this project the 6th Graders were studying color theory.  So first we had a day of notes on color families and painted a practice color wheel.  Then we looked at the work of American Artist Frank Stella.  I love the way that Stella uses color to make objects in his paintings move foreward or back in visual space.

Then using rulers, protractors and compasses students designed their own abstract painting.  It was their job to use a set of Analagous Colors, 3 colors in a row on the color wheel, and the Complementary color of their center Analagous (A complement is the color accross the color wheel.)  Once they were finished with the basic colors in paint the students were given the option to go back and add details and patterns in any colors uing paint or marker to enhance their designs.  Overall I think these turned out AWESOME.  They are hung in the front of school right now, and everyone has loved this pop of bight color admist these snowy gray days.

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